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HoneyHornet Studios

Training & Marketing

Combining the learning technology skills of HoneyHornet with the content creation specialties of Telegram Sir, this partnership has produced 400+ step-by-step training videos, 100+ animations, and 200+ training modules for technology companies, government organizations, medical care providers and nationally-recognized restaurants.

Our approach to content creation employs a micro-learning method to increase retention and learning speed of the user. We identify learning gaps and outdated material in existing training through performing auditing initiatives, and provide clients with creative solutions. This can range from rebuilding training from the ground up to retrofitting necessary updates to existing material.

In addition to step-by-step training videos and informative training animations, we have also produced videos to announce product rollouts, corporate acquisitions, and service offerings. HoneyHornet and Telegram Sir have proven to be an effective team and are excited to continue this partnership.

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