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Marketing & Sales Content

The Page Parkes Center of Modeling and Acting is the largest and most instrumental modeling and acting training facility in the Southwest United States. Telegram Sir was asked to create a series of promotional videos to highlight 6 different classes offered by the school. In turn, these videos would be used to attract current and prospective talent, ultimately increasing sales for Page Parkes.


The main challenge Telegram Sir faced with this project was synthesizing the information presented in these 4-8 week classes into succinct 1-minute videos. Through research and conversations with Page Parkes instructors, Telegram Sir pinpointed key moments that best represent the philosophy and intention of each class.


Telegram Sir successfully delivered 6 videos, each 1-minute in length, in ultra-high definition 4K. The project was so well received that Page Parkes has partnered with Telegram Sir to revamp the rest of their content to reflect the quality and style of the class videos.

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