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Organization Overviews

CoachArt is a non-profit organization providing free coaching in athletics and the arts to children battling chronic illness, where regular recreational participation would be nearly impossible. We were asked to create videos explaining the organization to volunteer coaches and parents of children considering enrollment in CoachArt’s program.

When Telegram Sir was brought on board, early drafts of the video scripts were already in the process of being written. After an initial creative breakout session with CoachArt, we were given the opportunity to revise the scripts. Our strategy was to blend the onscreen performance of an actor with simple animations superimposed strategically throughout.

Special attention was paid in the pre-production process to plan out the complexities of blending live action with animation. Using a sound stage, blue screen, and extensive storyboarding, we were able to choreograph the actor’s performance to seamlessly integrate with the animations added during the post production. This resulted in the creation of two fun and informative videos which give great insight into the organization and the steps needed for volunteers and participants to become involved.

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